Lippold Haken's Photos from Conception Island, Bahamas

Welcome to my slide show of a week-long dive trip with
Captains Dan Doyle and Sue Ford
aboard the
R/V Sea Dragon.

The Sea Dragon is a live-aboard dive boat.
This trip was to Conception Island, Bahamas in June 2001.
Linda, Nicole, and Wendy were crew. There were five dogs and eight guests:
me, my dive buddy Mark, Harry, David and Keela, and Ian and his parents.

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yellow frogfish, sargassum trigger,
nassau grouper, diamond blenny in anemone,
night dive squid, octopus, oyster shell,
podochela crab, bristle worm, scorpionfish,
elkhorn coral, sea turtle, dolphin wrapped in rope.

I took the pictures with my new Olympus 3040 in a PT-007 housing.
I used only the built-in flash and no special lenses.
After each dive, I used the USB cable to download the pictures to my laptop.
The camera is easy to use, the housing is great,
and seeing pictures immediately after you take them is fantastic!

Thanks to Paul Christensen for the JavaScript for this slide show.
For information on the Sea Dragon, contact Out-Island Oceanics.
For the camera housing, contact the helpful people at Ocean Brite Systems.

Terms of use:
You may copy and use any of these pictures,
as long as you send me email and give credit whenever a picture is displayed.
I will be happy to email you a high resolution version of any of these images.

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