Firmware 7.31 is recommended for all Continuums with the internal sound engine.

Version 7.31 Bundles

May 01, 2015

This update also has new capabilities for Continuum performance and EaganMatrix sound design as outlined in the Change Log below.

Mac Bundle (211 MB) - ZIP file which includes firmware, user guides, Continuum Editor, additional presets. If you have an issue opening this Editor on a Mac running Yosemite you need to perform a temporary security level change as outlined in this video.

PC Bundle (158 MB) - ZIP file which includes firmware, user guides, Continuum Editor, additional presets.

Current User Guides

Continuum User's Guide
EaganMatrix User's Guide
CEE User's Guide
CVC User's Guide

Change Log


7.31 May 01 2015)

Fixes to Replace/Perserve menus on Midi and Global Settings page. Fixes to Electric Guitar presets.

7.30 (April 24 2015)

Addition of a deflation parameter in the BiqBank, BiqMode, BiqMouth, and ModMan modules that eliminates possible filter explosions (settings from 0 min to 7 max).
Refinements to menu appearances in the Continuum Editor.
Base Polyphony Menu: Option to avoid polyphony tripling when CEE is present
Formula X, Y, and Z Component: Derivative Mode
Ancillary Domain Menu: Evaluate Using Voice 1's WXYZ
Ancillary Operator Menu:Crossing Detect
Ancillary Unit Menu: "Convert nn to kHz" or "No Unit Conversion"
Relative Midi Controllers for Pedals and Tweak (Channel 14)
Midi and Global Settings: Factory Calibration in the Utilities menu
Support for Beatstep as a controller.
User Guide has new Section 6: Connections to External Equipment.
New EaganMatrix sounds: Bagpipes, Dolce Cristallo, Genie Bottle, Mountain Slider

7.10 (November 23 2014)

Fixes to errors in 7.02
Additional sounds in progress available in the Continuum Editor>Archives>InProgress folder.
Known visual issue with Continuum Editor pop-up menus. Appearance is dark.

7.02 (September 6 2014)

Fixes to errors in 7.01

7.01 (August 31 2014)

New System Presets
New Synthesis Technique
New Surface Display
More Formulas
Now from A to V
More Filters and Oscillators
Up to 5 of each.
User Presets and Groups
Expanded to 16
Calibration Change
Simple calibration procedure.
Numerous other changes

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