Loris::PartialUtils::PitchShifter Class Reference

#include <PartialUtils.h>

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Public Member Functions

 PitchShifter (double x)
 Construct a new PitchShifter from a constant scale factor.
 PitchShifter (const Envelope &e)
 a time-varying scale factor.
void operator() (Partial &p) const

Detailed Description

Shift the pitch of the specified Partial according to the given pitch envelope. The pitch envelope is assumed to have units of cents (1/100 of a halfstep).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Loris::PartialUtils::PitchShifter::PitchShifter ( const Envelope e  )  [inline]

a time-varying scale factor.

Construct a new PitchShifter from an Envelope representing

Member Function Documentation

void Loris::PartialUtils::PitchShifter::operator() ( Partial p  )  const [virtual]

Function call operator: apply a scale factor to the specified Partial.

Implements Loris::PartialUtils::PartialMutator.

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