Deprecated List

Member Loris::AiffFile::sampleFrames (void) const
Use numFrames instead.

Member Loris::Marker::sortByName
Use compareNameLess instead.

Member Loris::Marker::sortByTime
Use compareTimeLess instead

Member Loris::Morpher::morphPartial (Partial src, Partial tgt, int assignLabel)
Use morphPartials instead.

Member Loris::SdifFile::Export (const std::string &filename, const PartialList &plist, const bool enhanced=true)
This function is included only for legacy support and may be removed at any time.

Member Loris::SpcFile::write (const std::string &filename, bool enhanced, double endApproachTime=0)

This version of write is deprecated, use the two-argument versions write and writeSinusoidal.

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