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Lime Music Notation Software for Macintosh

Version 9.16

Lime was written by Lippold Haken and Dorothea Blostein.

These are the machine requirements for running Macintosh Lime:

To install Lime for Macintosh OS X:

To install Lime for Macintosh OS 9 or earlier:

On Windows and Mac OSX, Basic Lime may be used free of charge.  Donations are welcome and go towards the development of facilities for Low Vision and Blind musicians.

On Mac OS 9 and earlier, as an alternative to the full-featured Lime program, you may download the Lime Viewer: Lime Viewer for OS 9 (LimeViewer100os9.sea.hqx, 0 kbytes) or the Previous Release Lime Viewer (for OS 7, OS 8, and 68k, LimeViewer100.sea.hqx, 0 kbytes).  The Lime Viewer will never ask for payment; it allows you to view, print, and listen to Lime files, but it does not allow editing of the music.

We encourage you to distribute Lime.  Please distribute the complete and unaltered Lime folder which you download from here.

There have been 37701 Macintosh Lime downloads (plus 14104 Lime Viewer downloads and 37391 abbreviated manual downloads) from this web site since November 2000.

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Please Donate to the Development of Lime for the Blind and Partially Sighted, if you use it regularly.