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VersionDateWhat's New in this Version*** RECOMMENDED FOR ALL USERS *** (n.b. install file names are the same as 9.15.8). Verified on Mac El Capitan and on Windows 10.

Fix annotation problems with Oriental fonts on Macs (sorry).

Fix brailling on Windows.

Improvements to Copy and Delete measures. to support Unicode annotations, which will be in release 9.16. Version 9.15.8 can read such annotations, but will not create any.

Improved font handling on Macs, replacing the unwieldy font menu by the font panel.

Improvements to PARAM editing to enable the simple removal of a parameter annotation.

Improvements to hearing when there are complex disjunctions in the BAR order.

Fix bug in alternate slurring when grace notes are not involved.

Improved bar line scaling at larger staff sizes (n.b. staff sizes up to 25pt are now supported).

Improved clipboard handling; Do not destroy clipboard when deleting (or clearing) an annotation. Shift-Paste when text editing now pastes unformatted.

Bug fixes. use of Delete/Backspace to delete notes, converting them to rests (disabled by mistake in 9.15.6, sorry).

Fix placement bug that occasionally placed a note too far right on a multi-stave system (introduced in 9.15.6, sorry).

Fix occasional hang when deleting measures in pieces with irregular measure lengths.

Improved placement of whole note rests after time signatures, keys or clefs. Prevent multi-measure rests being extended over double bar lines.

Eliminate the occasional memory problems when printing on Windows.

Fix colours on Macs when importing scores from Windows Lime.

Support printing of coloured lines on PowerPC Macs using PostScript. Note, however, that PostScript printing is deprecated as it is no longer needed.

MusicXML enhancements to handle some of the foibles of PDFtoMusic.

Sensible scrolling amounts when clicking in the scroll bars.

LimeLighter tweaks. Save even when file unchanged.

Fix to polytemporal editing beyond the first couple of measures.

Lime Lighter improvements.

Default Key and Clef dialog to be before note. crash in creation of new contexts (caused by a mistake in one of the performance improvements in 9.15.4), and fix erroneous number of pages when changing context. Sorry!
9.15.415-February-2015Performance improvements in time taken to format pages of music.

On Windows, fix erroneous reporting of memory shortage on machines with more than 8gb of memory!

Handle tremolos in MusicXML import.

Go to relative Bar and page facilities.

Option to omit voice length consistency check when loading a piece.

Improved handling of Mark-up in Lime Lighter.

Miscellaneous bug fixes.

On Macs, ctrl can now be used instead of shift when selecting a menu (the old use of alt has been disabled).
9.15.327-December-2014Improvements to context duplication: Minor bug on Macs when there were PARAM annotations (there were harmless system error messages); Remove staff drags when creating Ticker Tape or Autocue contexts.

Default ctrl/cmd-G to go to BAR rather than page, but resulting dialog allows this to be changed. Ctrl/cmd-shift-G continues to go to the beginning of the current page.

Improvements to Ticker tape and Autocue contexts.

Fix dialog modality on Windows when one dialog invokes another.

Minor bug fixes.
9.15.201-December-2014Autocue vertical Lime Lighter contexts and improvements to Ticker Tape horizontal ones.

Context Duplication

Select all notes in Voice, Part, on Staff or whole piece.

Fix opening old pieces with extraneous NIFF import information still in them.
9.15.114-November-2014Minor bug fixes

Ticker tape contexts for Lime Lighter low vision users
9.15.release.10-October-2014Add Dedication classification.

MusicXML import of clef change at end of system; and handle characters specified as hexadecimal.

NIFF import of ornaments and multi-bar rests.

Only include context voices in Midi export.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes, including:

- Fixed activate/deactivate loops when opening XML (or NIFF) files from the finder

- Fixed hear tracking when voices stop and start.

- Fixed crash when adding multiple parts with voices with hidden notes to a context.

- Fixed Lime Lighter problem reversing over a page in full screen mode. have been over 100 fixes and enhancements since 9.14.9, the most notable of which are:

- New file format to support the new annotation anchoring capabilities. The new format can be read and converted back to the older format by the latest 9.14.9 version.

- New, flexible annotation anchoring capabilities, including bar lines and the top or right of the page. Also supports right justified text.

- Right-Click replaces Alt-click for selecting and manipulating annotations. Alt-click is still needed for the 'Extended Alt-Click' option. N.b. on Macs, ctrl-click is tantamount to a right click.

- Command-period (CTRL-period on windows) replaces command/ctrl-H for invoking the hear option. However, if you want, you can still set command/ctrl-H as a short cut.

- Major improvements in MusicXML import. However, export is still very basic.

- White on Black and Black on Yellowy windows

- Batch update facility, enabling multiple files to be updated to the new format.

- Template files.

- Whilst it is recommended to install the Marl and Tufa fonts, it is no longer essential for Lime (but is for other programs on Macs) because: on Macs, they are embedded in the application bundle; on Windows they can be used provided they are in the same directory as Lime.exe.

- Fixed flickering, stuttering and occasional unresponsiveness on Windows 7 (and 8).

- Truly high quality printing on Intel Macs; printing is as good, if not better, than anything that was achievable with PostScript on the old PowerPC systems. N.b. saving to PDF (including PostScript on PowerPC Macs) has been fixed since 9.14.7.

- Lime Lighter upgrade, including automatic scrolling and Low Vision Parameter defaults.

**** N.B. The user's Manual has not yet been updated (sorry). An addendum is included that describes the main changes.

Lime 9.15 has been tested on:

- Windows 2000 through Windows 8.1. Note that, if your current version is earlier than 9.14, the preferences (.ini) file has been moved. On Windows 8, 7 and Vista, LIME.INI is moved to \Users\username\AppData\Local\ On Windows XP and 2000 it has moved to \Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\

- Mac OSX 10.4 (Tiger) through 10.9 (Mavericks). It is not, however, signed for Mountain Lion or Mavericks, which means you may need to configure the Gate Keeper to allow the application to be used..

This is the final pre-release before 9.15 release, which is scheduled for August 2014. install file names are the same as 9.14.9)

Compatibility with 9.15 (due December 2013) preferences.

cmd-. can be used for hear dialog (as in 9.15). to vertically locked annotations when reading 9.15 file version.

Fix to zoom factor in Intel Mac preferences.

Fix for color mismatches between Windows and Macs. 7 (and Windows 8) compatibility - resolved the flickering and occasional unresponsiveness. It was recommended that if you had set Vista (SP2) Compatibility, it should be removed. This MUST be done with the executable in its final destination (e.g. in c:\Program Files\). To do it, right click on the executable, select 'properties' (at the bottom of the pop-up list). Then choose the 'Compatibility' pane and clear the Compatibility option.

If you have already done it and are simply replacing the executable, it is not necessary as the information is stored in the Registry, not the executable itself.

On Windows, removed alt-menu alternative to shift-menu as it was incompatible with alt-letter short cut.

Ability to read next version of Lime files. related but different printing problems on Windows and PPC Macs (sorry).

Prevent XML import crash with long annotations, and a minor XML import annotation placement issue.
9.14.924-September-2012Many more XML import improvements, including ornaments and hairpin placement. Note that there are as yet few if any improvements in XML export.

On Macs, allow alt-menu to mean same as shift-menu. This is a work-around for Macbook Airs' ability on Lion to forget the meaning of the shift key.

Fix chord drags where there are grace notes.

Fix midi export on Intel Macs.

Improvements to layout accuracy at different zoom levels and when printing. On Intel macs, pages are no longer shown while they are being printed.

Fix crashing when Nachschlags are inserted or imported at the end of the piece.

Option to specify the default zoom factor for new or imported pieces.

Added ability to draw rectangles (n.b. these will appear as lines in earlier versions of Lime).

Ability to read next version of the file format, which will be introduced in version 9.15.
9.14.823-April-2012GOOD QUALITY INTEL-MAC PRINTING and, therefore, fully functional on Lion!

Fixed 'Copy Rectangle' on Mac OSX (high resolution and, therefore good quality, unless Shift-key used).

Fixed nasty bug in Text Assistant introduced by 9.14.7 (sorry)

Fixed XML export crash on Mac OSX when non-standard fonts were used.

Fixed inconsistencies in use of Shift key and menus - you now always get what you see.

Minor improvements to display at high resolutions.
9.14.704/04/12Remember different default directories for Music, Midi and XML open/import and for export.

OSX PPC version - Fix saving to PDF and recognize all PostScript printers, so that high quality output may be created. N.b. High quality still only supported in PPC version.

Fix END key handling for low vision users

More improvements to MusicXML
9.1402/02/12Common Mac OSX and Windows version.

Modified zoom options. Add Edit->Zoom option to temporarily change zooming. Zooming specified on Layout menu can be saved.

Licence key and other preference saving fixed on Windows 7. On Windows 7 and Vista, LIME.INI is moved to: \Users\username\AppData\Local\ On Windows XP (or 2000) it has moved to: \Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\ N.B. On Windows 7, executable needed to be set as Vista (SP2) compatibility otherwse there were disturbing flickers and hearing interupts when other applications were active. This was fixed in

Further improvements to MusicXML import, fixing crash when there are resizable hairpins. MusicXML support is still very basic and only supports version 1. Improved support is planned.

Built-in Quicktime synthesizer on OSX.

Various bug fixes.
9.1311/11/11Windows Only. New Zoom options.

NIFF is no longer supported.
9.1212/12/11Pre-Release for Mac OSX. Beta Version supporting Intel.

On Intel Macs, it is recommended that the Intel version (which works on Lion) is used for editing as it is more efficient; and the PPC version is only used when a high quality print is needed. The Intel version does not yet support high quality printing (as Apple deprecated the necessary interface). On Snow Leopard or earlier, the PPC version is needed (on Intel Macs, running under Rosetta) to produce high quality prints.

NIFF is no longer supported.
9.1109/19/07New Lime binary format, to support more zoom factors.

Mac OS9 no longer supported.
9.0024December 2006 New release. Updated User's Manual. ----------------------------------

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