Pay for Lime™ by PayPal

Thank you for your interest in Lime.  You may try out Lime even if you don't pay for it.  If you do use Lime beyond trial runs, however, we'd like you to pay.  When you pay for Lime, we will give you a registration password for you to enter (once) into Lime.  From then on, Lime will no longer ask for payment.
We use PayPal as our payment method.  Although PayPal provides the safest encryption available, if you prefer not to transmit your information through the internet or would rather pay by check or money order, you may directly send your payment via the post office to the address below.  If you choose this option, please write a check, drawn on a United States bank, for US$65 and make it payable to "Lime".  Be sure to include your email address so that we may email your Lime registration password to you.


1906 Augusta Dr.

Champaign, IL  61821-6067


To pay by PayPal, click the "Pay Now" button below.  You will be able to pay with a PayPal account or with a credit card even if you don't have a PayPal account.  The PayPal payment process will take you off our site, bill you for US$65, then return you to our site, where we will reveal your Lime registration password.  The transaction will appear on your statement under the name PAYPAL*LIME.
You can always download new versions of Lime free of charge, but Lime may ask you to type your password (once) again.

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