Loris::Exception Class Reference

#include <LorisExceptions.h>

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Loris::AssertionFailure Loris::ImportException Loris::IndexOutOfBounds Loris::InvalidArgument Loris::InvalidObject Loris::RuntimeError NullPointer Loris::InvalidIterator Loris::InvalidPartial Loris::FileIOException

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Public Member Functions

 Exception (const std::string &str, const std::string &where="")
virtual ~Exception (void) throw ()
 Destroy this Exception.
const char * what (void) const throw ()
Exceptionappend (const std::string &str)
const std::string & str (void) const

Protected Attributes

std::string _sbuf
 string for storing the exception description

Detailed Description

Exception is a generic exception class for reporting exceptional circumstances in Loris. Exception is derived from std:exception, and is the base for a hierarchy of derived exception classes in Loris.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Loris::Exception::Exception ( const std::string &  str,
const std::string &  where = "" 

Construct a new instance with the specified description and, optionally a string identifying the location at which the exception as thrown. The Throw( Exception_Class, description_string ) macro generates a location string automatically using __FILE__ and __LINE__.

str is a string describing the exceptional condition
where is an option string describing the location in the source code from which the exception was thrown (generated automatically by the Throw macro).

Member Function Documentation

Exception& Loris::Exception::append ( const std::string &  str  ) 

Append the specified string to this Exception's description, and return a reference to this Exception.

str is text to append to the exception description
a reference to this Exception.
const std::string& Loris::Exception::str ( void   )  const [inline]

Return a read-only refernce to this Exception's description string.

a string describing the exceptional condition
const char* Loris::Exception::what ( void   )  const throw () [inline]

Return a description of this Exception in the form of a C-style string (char pointer). Overrides std::exception::what.

a C-style string describing the exceptional condition.

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