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Public Member Functions

 NoiseGenerator (double initSeed=1.0)
void seed (double newSeed)
double sample (void)
double operator() (void)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Loris::NoiseGenerator::NoiseGenerator ( double  initSeed = 1.0  )  [explicit]

Create a new noise generator with the (optionally) specified seed (default is 1.0).

initSeed is the initial seed for the random number generator

Member Function Documentation

double Loris::NoiseGenerator::operator() ( void   )  [inline]

Function call operator, same as calling sample().

See also:
double Loris::NoiseGenerator::sample ( void   ) 

Generate and return a new sample of Gaussian noise having zero mean and unity standard deviation. Approximate the normal distribution using the Box-Muller transformation applied to a uniform random number generator taken from "Random Number Generators: Good Ones Are Hard To Find," Stephen Park and Keith Miller, Communications of the ACM, October 1988, vol. 31, Number 10.

void Loris::NoiseGenerator::seed ( double  newSeed  ) 

Re-seed the random number generator.

newSeed is the new seed for the random number generator

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