Loris::Envelope Class Reference

#include <Envelope.h>

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Loris::FrequencyReference Loris::LinearEnvelope Loris::ScaleAndOffsetEnvelope

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~Envelope (void)
 Destroy this Envelope (virtual to allow subclassing).
virtual Envelopeclone (void) const =0
virtual double valueAt (double x) const =0
 Return the value of this Envelope at the specified time.

Detailed Description

Envelope is an base class for objects representing real functions of time.

Class Envelope is an abstract base class, specifying interface for prototypable (clonable) objects representing generic, real-valued (double) functions of one real-valued (double) time argument. Derived classes (like BreakpointEnvelope) must implement valueAt() and clone(), the latter to support the Prototype pattern. Clients of Envelope, like Morpher and Distiller, can use prototype Envelopes to make their own private Envelopes.

See also:
Distiller, Envelope, Morpher

Member Function Documentation

virtual Envelope* Loris::Envelope::clone ( void   )  const [pure virtual]

Return an exact copy of this Envelope (following the Prototype pattern).

Implemented in Loris::ScaleAndOffsetEnvelope, Loris::FrequencyReference, and Loris::LinearEnvelope.

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