Loris::ScaleAndOffsetEnvelope Class Reference

#include <Envelope.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ScaleAndOffsetEnvelope (const Envelope &e, double scale, double offset)
 ScaleAndOffsetEnvelope (const ScaleAndOffsetEnvelope &rhs)
 Construct a copy of an envelope.
ScaleAndOffsetEnvelopeoperator= (const ScaleAndOffsetEnvelope &rhs)
 Assignment from another envelope.
ScaleAndOffsetEnvelopeclone (void) const
virtual double valueAt (double x) const
 Return the value of this Envelope at the specified time.

Detailed Description

ScaleAndOffsetEnvelope is an derived Envelope class for objects representing envelopes having a scale and offset applied (in that order).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Loris::ScaleAndOffsetEnvelope::ScaleAndOffsetEnvelope ( const Envelope e,
double  scale,
double  offset 
) [inline]

Construct a new envelope that is a scaled and offset version of another.

Member Function Documentation

ScaleAndOffsetEnvelope* Loris::ScaleAndOffsetEnvelope::clone ( void   )  const [inline, virtual]

Return an exact copy of this Envelope (following the Prototype pattern).

Implements Loris::Envelope.

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