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Continuum Icon Continuum Fingerboard

Read about the  Continuum Fingerboard,  a powerful, innovative MIDI keyboard, which allows continuous control over each note in a performance.  For information on an additive sound morphing algorithm that works with the Continuum Fingerboard, click here.  For data on other continuous-pitch electronic instruments, try these websites:  theremin and Theremin & Electro‑Theremin.

Lime Icon Lime Music Notation Software

Download latest official release of  Lime for Windows or Lime for Macintosh,Old versions can be found  Here.
Read suggestions for familiarizing yourself with  LIppold's Music Engine.
Download latest Lime Manuals.
See What's New in Lime.  Try out the latest, recommended maintenance  Pre‑release Version  of Lime

Basic Lime is free, but Please Donate to the Development of Lime for the Blind and Partially Sighted, if you use it regularly.
Visit Dancing Dots, a company specializing in Accessible Music Technology for Blind & Low Vision Performers; a specialized version of Lime underpins their technology

AP Tuner Icon AP Tuner

Explore the  AP Tuner Application.  It is a sophisticated, chromatic instrument tuner, using the sound card on a Windows computer (or IOS phone).  

Lemur Icon Loris Sound Modeling Software

Read about Loris, an Open Source, scriptable, platform-neutral C++ class library implementing sound modeling, morphing, and manipulation, based on the Reassigned Bandwidth-Enhanced Additive Sound Model.

CERL Sound Group Icon About the CERL Sound Group

This website is not part of the University of Illinois.  Programs distributed through this website belong to their individual authors.  In the 1980s, the CERL Sound Group was part of the Computer-based Education Research Laboratory at the University of Illinois.  If you are interested in the PLATO IMS days of the CERL Sound Group, check out  Mark Smart's screen shots and music.